moblogX Software

moblogX, designed by XLR8, is unique mobile blogging (or moblog) software that allows users to post photos and videos online from a mobile phone directly onto the internet.

Check out the moblogX Web Site for detailed information, or visit XLR8's Personal Moblog to see it in action!


  • chronological picture, thumbnail, and list view
  • customizable "about" page
  • random picture routine
  • viewer commenting capability with owner e-mail alert
  • syndication via RSS feed and static hotlinks to latest five pictures (for easy in-line posting on social network web sites)
  • customizable colors and fonts
  • "geotagging" of photos with in-line Google Maps for phones capable of embedding GPS data in photos
  • fully web-based administration for editing and removing content

DeMobile Software

XLR8's DeMolay-branded mass text message and e-mail sending software gets the word out to your subscribers quickly and easily.

Check out the DeMobile Sales Portal for detailed information, or visit Georgia DeMolay Online to see it in action!


  • multiple text message and e-mail distribution lists
  • web-based interface for signup, subscribe & unsubscribe, and list sending & management
  • prestigious web address
  • compatibility with all major cellular carriers
  • future date sending: schedule messages to be sent at a certain date and time
  • ability to create closed lists where moderator approval is required to subscribe
  • fully "skinable" pages: signup and subscription pages can look just like your web site
  • FCC "Can SPAM" compliant

SpamAssassin Quarantine Software

XLR8's add-on software to SpamAssassin redirects e-mail based on SpamAssassin's spam scores.


  • set thresholds based on spam score or Bayesian percentage (or a combination of both)
  • actions include deliver, quarantine, or block entirely
  • once per day e-mail delivered with a summary of messages in quarantine
  • single click delivery of messages from quarantine to inbox
  • quarantined messages can be set to delete after a user-specified amount of time

Online Testing Software

XLR8's online testing software creates and grades multiple choice tests.

Check out the Georgia DeMolay Online Leadership Course to see it in action!


  • students access tests via a trackable, 10-digit access code
  • students can save answers without submitting to come back and complete later
  • access code can be set to allow just a single test submission or multiple submissions
  • once submitted, test is automatically graded with results returned to the teacher and (optionally) student
  • web-based utility for creating or modifying tests
  • PayPal IPN Interface available for easy purchasing of test access codes

RADIUS-MyPW Interface

XLR8's specialized software integrates MyPW's online service for one time use passwords with a standard RADIUS server implementation, allowing easy and inexpensive strong authentication for any device supporting RADIUS authentication.


  • couples a static password with a MyPW one time password (via keyfob or mobile phone)
  • based on XTRadius for Linux
  • static password stored encrypted for greater security
  • interfaces with MyPW via secure sockets layer for greater security
  • includes an add-user script for easy adding of username, password, and MyPW token ID

PayPal IPN Interfaces

XLR8 has built numerous PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) interfaces for various purposes.

Interfaces Built:

  • Registration Interface: collects demographic and registration information, directs to PayPal's payment portal, upon successful payment adds information to a CSV spreadsheet and generates an order confirmation e-mail
  • Online Testing Interface: collects information and after payment, grants access through a secure key to the requested online test

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